TechStuff was founded is 2007 by a network of IT professionals who wanted to create an impartial, reliable online recourse, suitable for webusers of all levels of experience.

Our Mission

“To provide an online resource to allow web users to get the most from web technologies”.

Website Ethos

Our website has been designed to supply in depth and accurate information that is easy to find and absorb. To achieve this we have implemented an easy to use navigation menu and search functions and formatted our pages to allow visitors to quickly locate the information they are looking for.

Website Content

Each section addresses a different web technology providing help, advice and professional opinions in the form of definitions, guides, articles and reviews.

Our email section tackles email addresses, domains, anti-virus, anti-spam, webmail and more.

Website Contributors

We have a growing base of web professionals who contribute to the website all of which are specialists in there field. Along with providing guides, articles, reviews they are also on hand to ask questions through our forums. We are always looking for new members so if you would like to join our network please contact us.

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We are always looking to improve our website and are grateful for all comments and suggestions our visitors give.

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