Setup an email address


Setting up an email address can be complex there are many providers offering very different services this guide provides advice to give you a head start.


There are a several different paths on the way to setup an email address such as do you want to get a free account or will you pay? Do you want a unique email address? Along with consideration including security and reliability this guide talks you through these considerations so you can make the right choice when setting up your email address.

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Email providers can be split in to 2 categories free providers and pay for services; Free providers are by far the most popular, however, there are significant draw backs, including advertisement, unreliability, un-notified cancellation, and a shared domain i.e. “”.

Paid for email range in price from very cheap to expensive but generally mean that advertisement free and more reliable. There is also the option to create your own unique email address. For this a personal domain is required which you can own or share, this domain can also be used to host a website.

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Email providers often dazzle visitors naming endless services; however, there are only a few that are important. There are two different services required to receive and managing mail, you can use your internet browser this is called webmail or software on your PC e.g. Outlook for this you will require, POP or IMAP and SMTP. Other services are bonuses for example antivirus and antispam.

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There are some key choices to be made before you setup an email address, if you want to be liberated from advertisement, able to access your email on your PC, or have a unique email address then you will have to pay, if not then a free email address my do. Hopefully this guide has clarified in your mind what you require, now view our recommend email providers and setup the email address perfect for you.

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